Service Procedure

ATTENTION: Every repair has to be performed by the roda Service Center!

The modular design of the items allows a fast repair procedure.

The components battery, HDD, Floppy and DVD Drive can be exchanged by the user without special tools. If only one of these components is defective, it can be exchanged in advance.

Then the customer receives the component against invoice. If a component is under warranty, roda will issues a credit note accordingly after having recieved the defective component.

The customer is not authorized to open a cabinet because EMI and sealing might be affected.
In this case the warranty expires.

As an option roda offers individual warranty concepts.

Within the warranty period the customer only has to pay his delivery costs to ship the defective parts to roda Service Center. For shipping please use our Service Supply Note.

Please send equipment for servicing as follows:
• All devices are handled through the roda Service Center in Hüllhorst

Shipment to the right location will help us to speed up the service process.

Please use the corresponding service supply note at the following link:

download Failure Description Sheet