Modern computers operate in a “noisy” electronic environment. They are surrounded by powerful electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by radios, radar, microwave transmitters, other computers, and a wide assortment of electronic equipment.  Battlefield computers have to contend with an exceptional level of interference created by military-specific items, such as IED jammers. Of course, EMI protection has grown in importance with the adoption of net-centric warfare doctrine.

EMI requirements vary widely from one application to another (jeeps vs. airplanes, for instance) and even within an application (above deck and below deck on a Navy ship).  MIL-STD 461 incorporates a broad range of requirements for numerous environments.

Since some applications need only commercial EMI standards, customer is able to decide together with roda whether they want to save money on selected platforms by forgoing additional modifications. However, most military applications require much stronger and often highly specific EMI protections.

roda computer takes EMI very seriously. In addition to certification by an independent laboratory, we have an in-house facility that regularly tests our production models.