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How can I use the built in GNSS/ GPS Reciever on my Rugged Tablet?

The built in GNSS Receiver is connected to COM port 3 and works with 9600baud 8,N,1

The model is a uBlox  Neo M8 and ca utilize GPS, Glonass and as soon as available Gallileo Satellites.

The GNSS Receiver delivers standard NMEA0183 protocol.

Sample Sentence: $GNRMC,162614,A,5230.5900,N,01322.3900,E,10.0,90.0,131006,1.2,E,A*13

Please note that many applications are not capable to use the generic NMEA Device Prefix ($GN**), most are proprietary build for GPS only ($GP**). You should ask your Software supplier to adapt to the latest protocol.
The difference is, that under the generic device ID you will get a more accurate Position, because it will use up to 3 different Satellite Systems and summarize the result.

Nevertheless the uBlox Neo M8 can be set to use GPS only and will then be compatible with most application on the market, with the down side of less accuracy. Click >>here<< for a guide