Where can I find driver XY for an older unit?

We do keep all drivers, back to our first Rocky model on our Webserver.
If you can't find it, it may have been moved to the "legacy_models" folder.

Please check the download section.

28 Mar 2008

As soon as Windows has been started the local display is getting dark.

 With the hotkey CTRL+ALT+F1 the signal is switched to the external analog monitor. This is also possible when no monitor is connected.

With the hotkey CTRL+ALT+F3 you can switch back to the local monitor of your notebook. To do so, windows has to be started and the user has to be logged on. The hotkeys can be changed or disabled in the grafics properties of the intel grafics driver.

To enter the grafics properties press CTRL+ALT+F12 or press the right mouse button on desktop -> grafics properties... -> hotkeys.

31 Mar 2008

I lost the password for my Windows operating system, can I restore this?

Usually it´s not possible to restore the admin password. When the enduser gets his new roda notebook he must key in the administrator password. Some tools can be found in the internet. But they are mostly not legal. Using such tools may destroy data on the harddisk.

31 Mar 2008

My Rocky / Panther gets warm after a short time.

The components which generate heat (CPU, chipset) are cooled passive. That means that the heat is dissipated to the chassis. Depending on the model and operational demands the device may get warm. This is absolutely normal and is not a failure.

08 Jan 2009

Is it possibel to start an operating system from Network? How can I use RIS Software deployment?

We use different LAN cards on our Rocky series, so there are different ways to do:

  • RT586 -PXE Floppy Disk

  • RT686 -PXE Floppy Disk

  • RT686EX -PXE Floppy Disk

  • RT686EX-M3 -PXE Diskette

  • RT786EX -BIOS Boot order

  • RK786EX -BIOS Boot order

  • RK886EX -BIOS Boot order

  • DR686 -PXE Floppy Disk

  • DR786AC -BIOS Boot order

  • DR786EX -BIOS Boot order

  • DR786EX-L -BIOS Boot order

  • DR886EX -BIOS Boot order

  • MT686EX -PXE Floppy Disk

If you are using a Microsoft Server System, there are tools delivered to create a PXE Floppy Disk.

08 Jan 2009

Can I connect external Display DP860UX15 to RK786EX/ RK886EX. Possibility to remote?

Yes you can, on RK786EX DVI connector is standard. You have full remote control of the computer.

08 Jan 2009

How do I activate the Ublox-GPS Modul on my Device?

The Ublox-GPS Module is connected via USB an can be used on a virtual Serial port after activation. If you have received a pre-installed Windows, you just have to activate the GPS-Module with the help of the Wireless-Manager (Shortcut) on the Desktop.

1. Klick on the Wireless-Manager Shortcut on the Desktop

2. After the program was started you will see a small Antenna symbol in you Tray bar, next to the clock. Doubleklick this Icon. 

3. You will see a Window tih wireless components. Activate the GPS-Module and klick OK. Now the GPS is availabel as COM3 (or COM5 if you also have the COM3/4 Option). It can be used with any GPS-Application.

If you don't have the wirelss Manager installd you can find it at "Notebook Drivers" on you local HDD or on the utility CD-ROM, or at our downloads

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