18 Aug 2015

Can we charge the device from powerbank?

To ensure full functionallity of your SolidPad, please use approved powersupply only.

You can find more information on our accessory webpage.

18 Aug 2015

How we can connect this device to windows PC for transmit data?

You can use LAN- or WiFi- Connection or USB-Drive or Micro-SD.

18 Aug 2015

Why there is no Google Playstore available?

The SolidPad LR7A is not google certified so it comes without Google Play Store Preinstalled.

This Android Version is pure Android Open Source.

To install applications you need to install a 3rd party Appstore or have the application package files (APK) available.

01 Jul 2015

How to program the function Keys?

The function Keys do have a fixed Keyboard Matrix.

If you need a different function it is possible to re-define or re-program by using 3rd party Software like Autohotkey on Windows Operating System.

On Andoird Operating System you can just go to:
All Programs -> Settings -> Fn Buttons

10 Dec 2014

My SolidPad only can be powered on, if an external Powersupply is connected. Why can't I use it on battery?

On the battery you can find 2 lock sliders. One of them is locking automatically. The other one needs to be locked manually. Before we ship the units we unlock the 2nd switch to disconnect battery and protect it from discharging.

Once it is locked the battery will get connection. Please make sure the battery will be fully charged. Than you can operate your SolidPad on battery.

16 Mar 2014

I power up my rugged Tablet but I get a RTC Error. How can I fix this?

As written in the Quick Start guide, that Comes with the unit. It is required to enable the bridge battery as it might have been turned off for Transportation or storage.

The Switch is locatet on the left side near the HDMI port. Use a small screw driver to carefully toggle the Switch.

16 Dec 2013

Where can I find the user guide?

The User Guide and Quickstart Guide are provided in our Download section.