26 Apr 2017

I have lost my Original Windows DVD, how can I get an official replacement?

Microsoft provides official ISO images for downloading.

Windows 7: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows7

Windows 8.1: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows8

Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows10

05 Oct 2011

Recommended Power Settings for Windows 7

ProzessorenergieverwaltungZeitgeber zur Aktivierung zulassen

By default, Win7 does not allow the CPU to step down when using an external power supply.

The advantage of stepping down is not only that the CPU has a lower power consumption but that the computer case does not heat up so much and stays cool.

To allow CPU step down you do the following:

  1. Open the control panel and click on "Hardware and Sound".
  2. Go to "Power Options" and click on "Change battery settings".
  3. After that click for the selected power plan on "Change plan settings".
  4. Go further to "Change advances power settings".
  5. In the just opened window "Power Options", you are able to set the minimum processor state in percent under "Processor power management" > "Minimum processor state" > "Plugged in". It's recommended to use the same settings as for battery usage.

Besides the settings for CPU step down you can change the wake timers for the standby modes. The advantage is, that applications are able to wake up the system automatically from standby mode.

To enable the wake timers you follow the points 1 to 4. After that the wake timers can be enabled under "Sleep" > "Allow wake timers".

roda_pwrscheme_advanced.pow12.0 K
05 Aug 2011

How to create a roda USB-Update Key on Windows 7

At the moment a few software componentes that are needed to create a bootable USB-Key are only availabel without Windows 7 support.

On the Windows 7 Editions Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate you can use XP-Mode instead. On all roda products that are shiped with Windows 7, the XP-Mode is already pre-installed.

If your Windows installations does not contain the XP-Mode, Microsoft provides a manual, how to install it >here<.

The file for creating the roda-Update Key has to be accassable in XP-Mode.

The easiest way to do that, is copy the file to the XP-Mode Desktop. Now the target USB-Key has to be mounted to the XP-Mode, via the Menu "USB".

All other steps are same like on Windows XP, just follow the Update-Key manual.

08 Feb 2011

Is there a way to calibrate the connected extended Touch-Monitor to a extended Desktop?

Yes, if the connected Touch-Monitor is used by one driversoftware like the UPDD driver.

As example, the DK8 has allready installed the UPDD driver for the buildin touch.

If an USB-Touch will be connected and installed, it will be added automatically in the UPDD Console. Continue with point 5., otherwise it must be added manually like a serial touch.

1. Start UPDD Console under Start | UPDD | Settings

2. Press "Add a new device" Button, will be found in Hardware

3. Chosse controller type

4. Choose serial port and press "OK"

5. To calibrate both monitors click with right mouse button on the UPDD symbol and choose "Calibrate All" under "Calibrate"

6. Follow the instructions on monitor to calibrate both.

01 Dec 2010

How can I get the my-t-touch keyboard on logon

To get the my-t-touch keyboard on logon, you have to start the My-t-Touch Logon Utilities and enable "Enable Onscreen Keyboard Logon".

The following screenshots show the way how to configure.

Attention: During the configuration security programs which control/block registry must be disabled, otherwise the settings won't be stored.

14 Oct 2010

How long can I store my computer without loosing CMOS data?

  • The RTC battery is charged as soon as there is any powersupply like battery, AC-Adapter or Vehicleadapter
  • The RTC Battery can run ~8.000h, this is a bit less than 1 year.
  • It takes ~50h to fully recharge the RTC battery, because there is only a very small charging current possible.
  • If the RTC Battery is empty, the CMOS default settings are loaded. Alle BIOS settings, date & time need to be set.
  • A BIOS Password will not be deleted, to reset the BIOS the password is needed to get acces to the BIOS
09 Mar 2010

How do I install UPDD?

TouchscreenauswahlFortschrittsanzeigeInstallationsabschlussUPDD Icon im SysTray

Before installing UPDD (Universal Pointer Device Driver) uninstall existing drivers for the touchscreen you want to install. After that execute the setup and choose the touchscreen you want to install. If it's a serial touchscreen you have to choose the right COM port. In general it's COM4 for roda Tablet PCs and COM1 for roda Notebooks. (After installation you can add additional touchscreens or remove and change existing touchscreens.)

After successful installation an UPDD icon appears in SysTray. In it's context menu you can e.g. calibrate the touchscreen.

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