24 Jul 2009

After loading setup default in the BIOS (or upgraded BIOS), the Touchscreen does not operate anymore.


Enter BIOS Setup , goto “Advanced Menu” enter “IO Device Configuration”

Than set COM1 port as “TTL1”. (COM1 has multiple connectivity so it’s necessary to setup.)

08 Jan 2009

Is it possibel to start an operating system from Network? How can I use RIS Software deployment?

We use different LAN cards on our Rocky series, so there are different ways to do:

  • RT586 -PXE Floppy Disk

  • RT686 -PXE Floppy Disk

  • RT686EX -PXE Floppy Disk

  • RT686EX-M3 -PXE Diskette

  • RT786EX -BIOS Boot order

  • RK786EX -BIOS Boot order

  • RK886EX -BIOS Boot order

  • DR686 -PXE Floppy Disk

  • DR786AC -BIOS Boot order

  • DR786EX -BIOS Boot order

  • DR786EX-L -BIOS Boot order

  • DR886EX -BIOS Boot order

  • MT686EX -PXE Floppy Disk

If you are using a Microsoft Server System, there are tools delivered to create a PXE Floppy Disk.

28 Mar 2008

Is the Rocky II always equiped with a Touchscreen?

No, the Touchscreen on all Rocky models is optional.

28 Mar 2008

Where do I find the serialnumber / certificate of authenticity?

Rocky Bottom View

You can find the serialnumber and the certificate of authenticity under the primary battery (2) of your Roda Notebook (1). The product key is on the certificate label, this is for the registration of the Microsoft operating system. For the hotline or repair transmittal of the device you need the serialnumber.

Where can I find driver XY for an older unit?

We do keep all drivers, back to our first Rocky model on our Webserver.
If you can't find it, it may have been moved to the "legacy_models" folder.

Please check the download section.