14 Dec 2012

How do I include SATA-AHCI driver into Windows XP installation CD?


Step 1

Create a temporary folder, for example C:\CD-Images (Figure 1)

Step 2

Copy the content of your original Windows XP CD to a sub-folder inside your temp directory, for example C:\ CD-Images\XP (Figure 2 & 3)




Step 3

Start nLite and choose the language of your original Windows XP CD. We choose English in this example (Figure 4). Klick Next.




Step 4

Select the folder where you copied the content of your original Windows XP CD. C:\CD-Images\XP in our example. (Figure 5)



Step 5

Just skip this screen by click on Next. (Figure 6)

If you have any previous sessions store, you might want to untick the checkbox.


Step 6

Select the buttons "Drivers" and "Bootable ISO" (Figure 7)




Step 7

Select "Import" and point to the folder where you have unzipped the AHCI driver. Point to the iaAHCI.inf and klick Open. (Figure 8 & 9)







Step 8

Slect "Textmode Driver "  and choose "Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller" (Figure 10) Than klick OK.







Step 9

Enter a name of your choice into the "Label" field and Klick on "Make-ISO" (Figure 11). Give it a name of your choice and remember the folder where you store it. (Figure 12)






Step 10

Us a Burning application of your choice and burn the ISO fil onto a CD-ROM. If you don't have one. You can use Freeware tool CDBurnerXP http://cdburnerxp.se/

Step 11

Use your patched CD to install Windows XP to your Rocky Notebook as you would do usually. After you get the Windows Desktop, use the driver DVD that came with the Rocky and enable the "One-Klick-Installer".

Time to get another Coffee and let the Software do the work.

24 Feb 2014

How long can I store my computer without loosing CMOS data?

The RTC battery is charged as soon as there is any powersupply like AC-Adapter or Vehicleadapter

  • The RTC Battery can run ~4000h a bit less than half a year.
  • It takes ~50h to fully recharge the RTC battery, because there is only a very small charging current possible.
  • If the RTC Battery is empty, the CMOS default settings are loaded. Alle BIOS settings, date & time and Passwords need to be set.
20 Nov 2014

I have lost my Original Windows 8 DVD, how can I get an official replacement?

Please follow official Microsoft guide:


04 Feb 2015

Some keys are swaped on my keyboard - What can I do?

Please download the "roda update key installer" and make an update on the affected model.

Service & Support => Downloads => Notebooks => affected model => BIOS => roda-update-key-installer 2.6.3

Note: Please use roda update key installer 2.6.3 or higher.

If the display is blurred after BIOS-Update please follow FAQ click.



04 Feb 2015

After BIOS-Update the display is blurred, what can I do to solve this problem?

Please change these BIOS-Settings:

Chipset > System Agent (SA) Configuration > Graphics Configuration > LCD Control > change Panel Type.


If the headlines in the BIOS are not visible please use following key sequence to change the Panel-Type.

F2 (if you are not in the BIOS) > key right > key right > enter > enter > enter > enter > key down > enter > key F4 

03 Mar 2015

My storage PC-Card is not detected correct

Due to the modern design of the BIOS, it can happen that legacy storage devices are not properly detected or claim to get not enough free memory. This appears often in combination with Windows Error code 12.

Can be cause by PCMCIA Storage cards, CF-Cards with PC-Card Adapter or Multi-Card Readers that can read SD card and several other card formats.

To solve this for Rocky RK10/ RF10 just follow these few easy steps:

  1. Power On and pass F2 into BIOS setting.
  2. Select Chipset -> PCH-IO Configuration
  3. PCI Express Configuration -> PCI Express Port 8
  4. A. PME SCI set to Disable
    B. Extra Bus Reserved set to “7”
    C. Reserved Memory set to “20”
    D. Reserved IO set to “20”


To solve this for Panther DR10/ DK10 /DT10 just follow these few easy steps:

  1. Power On and pass F2 into BIOS setting.
  2. Select Chipset -> PCH-IO Configuration
  3. PCI Express Configuration -> PCI Express Port 5
  4. A. PME SCI keep Enabled
    B. Extra Bus Reserved set to “0”
    C. Reserved Memory set to “20”
    D. Reserved IO set to “20”
25 Feb 2016

How can I set my GNSS back to GPS mode only?

Start u-CenterSelect GenerationSelect COM PortU-Center Satellite StatusOpen configuration ViewSelect NMEAChange Main Talker IDSend new SettingsOpen Text ConsoleCheck Protocol

For more Details why it might be required to Change the protocol, see here related FAQ.

If your application can not handle the latest generic GNSS device ID($GN**) and requires to receives ($GP**). You can configure the built in GNSS.

On a preloaded Windows go to c:\drivers\**_GPS\GPS_UTILITY_ALL_V8.01 and Launch the uCenter Utility. (Picture 1)

Very IMPORTANT! First step, click on Receiver-> Generation and select “u-blox M8”. If following tasks are performed with wrong generation setting, the GPS receiver can be damaged. (Picture 2) 



Now click on COM port selection and choose COM3, the connection symbol will turn green and you will see available satellites in the status display on the right hand side. (Picture 3 and 4)




Choose Configuration View from the View menu. (Picture 5)


Select NMEA (NMEA Protocol) from the overview list on the left hand side, now click on the small lock symbol on the lower left corner, it will turn to an unlocked symbol. (Picture 6) 


In the center section, change Main Talker ID to “1 - GP (GPS)” than click on the “send button” on the lower left corner, take care not to accidently hit the red x, it will reset the value to its previous setting. Now click the "Save Configuration" Button in the upper toolbar. 
The line "CFG (Configutation)" will turn from gray into black and back to gray. (Picture 7 and 8)





To check if the setting was successful select Text Console from the View menu. You will see the raw NMEA sentences. The “RMC” message now should have a prefix like “$GPRMC” instead for “$GNRMC”. (Picture 9 and 10)




Now close u-center and setup your GNSS application to use COM 3 @9600 8,N,1

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