28 Mar 2008

Maximum RAM upgrade for RT586?

2x64 MB EDO RAM 144Pin 3,3V

28 Mar 2008

Maximum harddisk upgrade for RT586?

Due to the the built in IDE controller harddisks up to 8 GB are detected. Bigger harddisks may be

detected but the usable capacity is not bigger than 8 GB. Harddrives bigger than 20GB will not be detected.

28 Mar 2008

Where do I find Windows 2000 drivers for RT586?

This model was delivered with DOS 6.22/Win3.11, Win95, Win98(SE) und WinNT4. Unfortunately we can not support other operating systems.

28 Mar 2008

Where do I find BIOS updates for RT586?

BIOS updates can be found in the download folder. Please note that in most cases it is not necessary to make a BIOS update.

28 Mar 2008

Is it possible to upgrade USB on RT586?

The basic device itself can not be upgraded to USB but it is possible to use a PC-Card (PCMCIA card).

Please keep in mind that you have to use a 16-Bit PC-Card because the 32-Bit version is not compatible with RT586.

28 Mar 2008

Is the Rocky II always equiped with a Touchscreen?

No, the Touchscreen on all Rocky models is optional.

31 Mar 2008

I lost the password for my Windows operating system, can I restore this?

Usually it´s not possible to restore the admin password. When the enduser gets his new roda notebook he must key in the administrator password. Some tools can be found in the internet. But they are mostly not legal. Using such tools may destroy data on the harddisk.

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