Where can I find driver XY for an older unit?

We do keep all drivers, back to our first Rocky model on our Webserver.
If you can't find it, it may have been moved to the "legacy_models" folder.

Please check the download section.

28 Mar 2008

Where do I find the serialnumber / certificate of authenticity?

Rocky Bottom View

You can find the serialnumber and the certificate of authenticity under the primary battery (2) of your Roda Notebook (1). The product key is on the certificate label, this is for the registration of the Microsoft operating system. For the hotline or repair transmittal of the device you need the serialnumber.

28 Mar 2008

What is the averege battery runtime of RK786EX?

The averege battery runtime depending on installed features of Rocky III is 3h, with no powersaving options and highest LCD-brightness.

28 Mar 2008

Can the RK786EX be connected to a 10BaseT (10Base2) Network? The driver gives the possibility. The build in card is a Realtek 8139(x)/8130/810X v.2.13. If yes, how can it be realized?

The LAN card of RK786EX is a 10/100 MBit card. With Windows (or Linux) the Computer can be used on a 10BaseT LAN without problems, the standard setting is auto detecting speed. If you have a 10Base2 Network (Coax cable) you need a mediaconverter, but also no software settings.

28 Mar 2008

As soon as Windows has been started the local display is getting dark.

 With the hotkey CTRL+ALT+F1 the signal is switched to the external analog monitor. This is also possible when no monitor is connected.

With the hotkey CTRL+ALT+F3 you can switch back to the local monitor of your notebook. To do so, windows has to be started and the user has to be logged on. The hotkeys can be changed or disabled in the grafics properties of the intel grafics driver.

To enter the grafics properties press CTRL+ALT+F12 or press the right mouse button on desktop -> grafics properties... -> hotkeys.

28 Mar 2008

ACPI Error, Event ID 12


If you have an ACPI Error, with event ID12 (see pictures below).

You have to update the BIOS to the latest version, available in the download section. It's identical with Rocky III so you'll find it in Rocky III folder. There is also a manual how to update the BIOS. This error occurs in Windows XP but he does not affect system stability.

28 Mar 2008

Errors at serial port during data transfer. Some data is missing.

This error often occures in combination with measuring instruments in Windows 95/98.


Using Windows NT4 or disabling the Powermanagement in Windows 9x. For this purpose you have to disable (not remove) the "Support for advanced Powermanagement" in the device manager.

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