15 Jul 2008

How can I connect an HDD to my BOB-05? Where can I get drivers for my USB-Device?

The BOB contains a USB-Host to connect peripherlas to the PDA and a USB-Client to connect the PDA to a Computer.

All devices that are connected to the USB-host need a driver for the installed operating system (Windows Mobile/ WindowsCE). This driver must be provided by the device manufacturer like on any desktop OS also. Because a USB-host can not be found very often on PDA most manufacturers don't build drives for PDA OS.

Some drivers are already implemented to BOBs OS by roda Computer. For example USB-Serial adapters with FTDI Chipset & drivers for a USB-Storage Key. To use a harddrive you need a driver for the USB>IDE Bridge and the HDD itself. These drivers are not implemented to the OS.

15 Jul 2008

What development environment can be used to develope applications for DA05?

You can use any development tool that supports compiling for WinCE 5 or Windows Mobile 5.

An older but still availabel development tools is Embedded Visual C++, it's a free tool provided by Microsoft.
Embedded Visual C++ can only build WinCE applications that could work on Windows Mobile 5 also. The Windows Mobile SDK will not work for it.

Or the new Visual Studio 2005 will also work.

You should note that MS Visual Studio 6 will not work for WinCE 5 or Windows Mobile 5.

No matter what of the above development environment you choose you will need the SDK for DA05. 

Embedded Visual C++
02 Jul 2008

How can I read out the MAC address of my W-LAN or bluetooth card?

You can find a small tool in our download area that lists all MAC address of all network devices it can find on DA05.

zum Download Center
31 Mar 2008

How can I perform a factory Reset of the BOB DA05?

DA05Reset ButtonMenu

How to clean boot the device

  1. Hold End Key and Press reset button at the same time, then release the reset button first.
  2. When the operation menu is displayed, please press the Left Soft key.
  3. When the format storage is finished, the device will auto reset.
31 Mar 2008

My Rocky / Panther gets warm after a short time.

The components which generate heat (CPU, chipset) are cooled passive. That means that the heat is dissipated to the chassis. Depending on the model and operational demands the device may get warm. This is absolutely normal and is not a failure.

31 Mar 2008

To what internal COM Port is my internal GPS module connected? What Baudrate do I need to Setup?

That depends on the Module you have ordered:

SiRF Star III - COM3 @ 4800 baud,
uBlox LEA-4 - COM3 @ 9600 baud

28 Mar 2008

I'm developing an own application. How can I grab a key event of the function keys, instead of using the standard function?

To capture key event can be implement in MFC PreTranslateMessage , please check the attached sample code. First You must disable original button define is you dont want to execute programs. The button define is store in registry, but the location is different for WM5 & CE5. To replace the button define will cause to execute specific program and empty value will not execute any program. The following registry show the button define stored



5 keys corresponding following registry:

The key value should be \\;;

Ex: Assign Key 5 to execute Wireless manager ( wrmgr.exe, located in \\Windows directory)

Note: @=(default)

=WM5 =

5 keys corresponding following registry:

40C4,40C5 only avalible in WM5 Premium Edition,and the key value should be \\\\:

Ex: Assign Key 1 to execute Wireless manager ( Radiomgr.exe, located in \\Windows directory

Note: @=(default)

zum Download Center
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