Where can I find driver XY for an older unit?

We do keep all drivers, back to our first Rocky model on our Webserver.
If you can't find it, it may have been moved to the "legacy_models" folder.

Please check the download section.

28 Mar 2008

What Touchscreen do I have to install?

All DP860UX15 are euiped with the DP5100 Touchscreen- Controller. You can find the latest driver in our download area.

28 Mar 2008

I use my DP860 on the DVI port of a standard PC, why does my Touchscreen not work?

This is not a bug, because the DVI Pinassignment doesn't include the additional Features of the DP860. The unused DVI Pins are used for the additional features of DP860. This additional features can only be used with DVI Ports of roda Computers. For other systems you can use VGA and the additional USB/ Sound -Cable. The combination of DVI and additional USB/ Sound Cable doesn't work. The Serial connector is reserved for special options, actually unused.

14 Nov 2008

Can Iuse the DP860 as an external Monitor of any kind of Computer via VGA-DVI Adapter?

No, the DP86ßUX15 has a VGA Input, on the DVI input you can only feed DVI Signal.

If you want to connect the Display to a Computer that has no DP-DVI (roda Standard) you have to use a Single Link DVI- Cable!

05 Mar 2010

How can I find out which Touchscreen I have?

Touchscreen Model

The used Touchscreen Controller is noted on the type label of the device.

09 Mar 2010

How do I remove existing touchscreen drivers?

Existing drivers, which are installed by setup, can be uninstalled by software managmenet. For this open start > control panel > add or remove programs. After that choose the driver you want to uninstall and click on remove button. In most cases it's recommended to restart the operating system after uninstalling drivers/software, because some files can only be deleted after restart.

09 Mar 2010

How do I install UPDD?

TouchscreenauswahlFortschrittsanzeigeInstallationsabschlussUPDD Icon im SysTray

Before installing UPDD (Universal Pointer Device Driver) uninstall existing drivers for the touchscreen you want to install. After that execute the setup and choose the touchscreen you want to install. If it's a serial touchscreen you have to choose the right COM port. In general it's COM4 for roda Tablet PCs and COM1 for roda Notebooks. (After installation you can add additional touchscreens or remove and change existing touchscreens.)

After successful installation an UPDD icon appears in SysTray. In it's context menu you can e.g. calibrate the touchscreen.

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