High Resolution Electronic Largescreen Display HEL

Ruggedized Multimonitoring System

The HEL was developed by roda to meet the requirements of high resolution (up to 20 mega pixel) visualizing the crucial data in a command post or situation room. With the second version of the HEL roda has created a very mobile and powerful split graphics computer. Another aspect for choosing roda’s HEL is the ability to withstand harsh environments, e.g. dust, humidity, shock and vibration.

The HEL is easy to transport by it's demountable parts. The IR-touch gives the lecturer many and creative ways of presenting very complex content. The split-graphics-computer provides various possibilities to connect external graphic sources for real time presentation.

HEL version 2 is available in 3x3 with 9 displays and 4x4 having 16 displays.