19”/2® Server i7 CS351

Fully Rugged Server CS351

Full Server in a 19”/2 form factor

The 19”/2 Server i7 CS351 packs high-performance computing power into a frame up to 75% smaller than standard 19” rugged servers.

This significantly reduces the i7 MIL´s weight, energy consumption and heat production. The unit includes 3 disks connected to a RAID Controller.

Built to take a beating

The i7 MIL is combat proven to withstand the harshest conditions over the long haul. It features aluminium casing, rugged MIL connectors for easy integration and an will operate down to -40 °C.

Guaranteed performance

Our products always come with a lifetime support to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to come. We also serve units and stock spare parts for 5 years end-of-life.