19”/2® Computer i7 CS211

Fully Rugged Computer CS211

The 19”/2 Computer i7 CS211 is a fully rugged computer with removable disk. The compact form factor combined with the processing power of an Intel Core i7-3517UE processor, gives you high-performance computing power into a frame up to 75 % smaller than standard 19” rugged computers.

Built to take a beating

The 19”/2 Computer i7 is combat proven to withstand the harshest conditions over the long haul. It features aluminium casing, rugged MIL connectors for easy integration and an will operate down to -40 °C.

Guaranteed performance

Our products always come with a lifetime support to ensure your equipment maintains peak performance for many missions to come. We also serve units and stock spare parts for 5 years end-of-life.