19”/2 - a full rugged Server & Computer System

The 19”/2 form factor enables modular construction within standardized width, heights and mounting methods. Low weight, small size, low energy consumption and less heat are automatically achieved. All the units are rugged, with specifi cations that meet several MIL Standards. The units are perfect for mounting in military vehicles or containers of any size, therefore saving space and enabling easy maintenance. The 19''/2 system allows easy upgrade, simply by adding another 19''/2 module without dismounting anything. This is the easiest way to have a homogenous configuration.

Find more information at: http://mildef.com/products/19inch2

19"/2 Example 1
Stand alone installation
19"/2 Example 2
19” rack installation
19"/2 Example 3
Two devices can be mounted together in a 19” rack
19"/2 Example 4
Two or more devices can be stacked on top of each other
19"/2 Example 5
The possibilities are endless
Installation Example: 19"/2 system in a rugged transport box