26 Aug 2010

roda RD40 and Rocky RK8 in German Boxer CP

Article from "Armada International" issue 4 (August/September) 2010

roda Rocky RK8 military notebook, roda rugged display DP860, DC/DC-Converter ROD 01, roda 40” rugged large screen display and other rugged electronical devices selected for German Boxer CP (Command Post Vehicle)

Dutch Boxer CP versions will also be equipped with Rocky military notebook Rocky RK8.

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08 Apr 2010

Cross-sectional control platform for unmanned vehicles

Article from "Strategie & Technik" April 2010

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22 Mar 2010

19"/2 System

Article from Wehrtechnik Q1 2010

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11 Jan 2010

Federal Minister of Economics Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg visits roda computer GmbH

Article from "Wehrtechnik"

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21 Dec 2009

roda supports youth work

Article from "Acher- und Bühler Boten (19.12.2009)"

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09 Sep 2009

Minister visits roda

Article from "Acher- und Bühler Boten"

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07 Aug 2009

roda stellt die neue HEL vor

Artikel aus Strategie & Technik

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