17 Nov 2011

Czech Army equips with Rocky RK Series Notebook

Rocky 15 "notebooks fitted in the Czech mobile command vehicles.

In the attached report from the magazine "Signal" (Nov. '11) you will see the installation of roda's rugged 15 "notebooks (Rocky RK series) in Czechs mobile command vehicles.

Signal_Nov_2011_01.pdf1.1 M
17 Nov 2011

Current projects and trends, roda presents DB6 and 19"/2!

Command post technology from rodaReport from Strategie & Technik - November 2011

Attached is a detail from the report "Current Projects and Trends" from the "Strategie & Technik" (Nov. '11).

It will demonstrate the integration of the latest roda hardware in current military projects such as the mobile guide system of the german air force (MobFüSysLw), in which roda's new form factor 19"/2 is installed.

To learn more, please open the report in PDF format.

<<PDF-report in german!>>

S_T_11_2011.pdf2.0 M
31 Oct 2011

Sniper's despair, thanks to rodas rugged UMPC Panther DB6

Rheinmetall Acoustic Shooter Localization System (ASLS) with Panther DB6 Ready for Market.

Attached is the report from the magazine "armada 5/2011" about the new acoustic shooter localization system (ASLS) from Rheinmetall Defence. Shown is the first basic version of the system. To learn more, open the PDF.

Einsatz_5-2011.pdf229 K
14 Oct 2011

roda products in use by the german Bundeswehr

roda: Innovative and reliable partner of the German Bundeswehr

In the attached report from the magazine wehrtechnik (wt, Issue V/2011) you'll get a little insight into our company, our specialization and our product portfolio.

Also come a report about the mobile communication system of the Bundeswehr (MobKommSysBw) where many roda systems are used.

To learn more, please open the PDF.

Language of the Report: German

wt_V-2011_02.pdf774 K
16 Sep 2011

19"/2 - The new form factor

Report from Werhtechnik (wt) Release IV / 2011 (in german)

wtIV2011_01.pdf349 K
16 Aug 2011

Die Nische im Markt - Hardware von roda

Artikel aus der Wehrtechnik (wt), Ausgabe III/2011

Artikel aus der Wehrtechnik (wt), Ausgabe III/2011

wt_III-2011.pdf0.9 M
01 Jun 2011

MilDef, extreme conditions

Article from Digital Battlespace; Release May/June 2011 No.3

Digital_Battlespace_-_DB6_Article_01.pdf655 K
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