30 Apr 2013


Satellites, guns, software - the defense sector in Baden-Württemberg benefits from its close links with the research

Baden-Württemberg is a defense sector region.
Without the local companies, drones would not fly and frigates not set sail.
What about the most secretive industry in the country?

Read more in the article from the german newspaper "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" (No. 42 - Tue. 19th Feb. 2013, "article in german")

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30 Apr 2013

How does the energy come into the vehicle?

roda MilDef GmbH sets an innovative sign on the power supply for vehicles

By international operations of the German armed forces and the increasing demand on robust IT for different battlefield management systems, there are special requirements to the power supply, in particular to battery and charging techniques.

Read more in the article from "Hardthöhenkurier" (HHK 2/2013, "article in german")

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15 Apr 2013

roda 25th anniversary

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company roda, 2 Reports from our regional newspapers in germany: "Acher- und Bühler Bote" and "Badisches Tagblatt"

You will find the PDF files attached to this news.

Report from the "Acher and Bühler Bote" (ABB) on Wed 03 April 2013

• Report from the "Badisches Tagblatt" (BT) on Fri 05th April 2013
   © Badisches Tagblatt GmbH

Click here for more information about the 25th aniversary.

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25 Feb 2013

MilDef Panther DT6 (ViaSat Eclypt Project)

2 Articles about the new lightweight Tablet PC - Panther DT6 from roda MilDef and the integration of DT6 in the ViaSat EClypt IL6 Project with encrypted Hard Drive.

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25 Sep 2012

High Density Devices AS provides encryption for MilDef tablet

Attached to this news the press release for the new [hiddn]™ LTDR8 encryption module for MilDef tablets from our Partners MilDef AB in Sweden.

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04 Sep 2012


new staff member for roda MilDef

new staff member for roda MilDef

Frank Scholz has already enforced the management board of roda MilDef in June 2012. He took the responsibility for separate departments and processes of internal business. In close collaboration with CEO Martin Bertsch he will be focused on the future and the international orientated development of the company.  

Because of his activities as sales and quality manager in the years 2005 to 2007 Frank Scholz is well familiar with the company.  

In the meantime he worked for an international defence enterprise. In this position he was able to broaden his international business skills.  

Consequently the previous German armed force officer is well prepared for the future tasks.

His engagement reflects the continuous development and adaptation of the company to the permanent market needs.  

Frank Scholz: “I look forward to the comeback to roda MilDef GmbH. With proud of the trust in my person I accept the challenge to tighten roda´s market position and to improve the growth of the company.”

06 Mar 2012

roda at the exhibition: DWT, Urban Operations Conference

The company roda computer GmbH presented a number of its highly protected and compact computer systems for different applications at the conference.
Among other things, equipment of the product portfolio, with roda won the contract for the procurement contract under the Federal Office for Information Technology of the Bundeswehr.

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