16 Nov 2017

roda: In product design, we focus 100% on our military customers!

Read more in the report from wehrtechik V / 2017 (Text in german)

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05 May 2017

Highly Mobile, mobile and portable networks

Central element of the new and 50% larger booth at AFCEA 2017 is the highly mobile "Mobile Server Mission System".

The Laptop Lizard is used for several Gigabit LAN connections RW11 as a server and is compatible with various clients (Panther DS11, Rocky RK10, TOUGHPAD FZ-G1, etc.).

Read more in the article from "IT-Report 2017" (Language: German)

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19 Oct 2016

From roda basics to Tempest ready

roda units with TEMPEST modification.

Post from "wt wehrtechnik" (V, 2016), text in german

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19 Aug 2016

roda computer GmbH is teaming with WESTEK Technology Ltd.

to promote its rugged and mobile computer solutions.

roda computer GmbH expands its portfo­lio of high-availability military comput­er servers. This is achieved by adding the distribution rights for the products of WESTEK Technology Ltd. for the DACH countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Read more in the article from Safety & Security (Issue 04/2016)

Safety_Security_INT_04-2016.pdf1.7 M
25 May 2016

Lizard® RW11 for quick use!

roda computer introduces new the laptop server Lizard® RW11.

Read more in the article from the "Wehrwirtschaft" (WWI ) Issue 9 /2016 (german text)

WWI_0916.pdf384 K
13 Jan 2016

Military board computer of roda computer GmbH

Article from german journal "Europäische Sicherheit & Technik" (ES&T) (release Jan-2016, text in german)

ES_T_Jan2016.pdf164 K
01 Sep 2015

TerraPad 1090 Industry

TerraPad 1090 (roda SolidPad LR11) with top grade 1,1 in german journal Tablet PC (release 4-2015)

Article from german journal "Tablet PC" (release 4-2015, text in german)

TerraPad_TPC415_S.19screen.pdf102 K
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