Time flies so fast - just as our first FlashCom successfully appeared, with an excellent response, the next follows, already. This time, we have the following interesting topics from the ”Rugged IT World“: 


  1. Products: Major offensive from roda MilDef GmbH
  2. Knowledge: Optical Bonding
  3. Customization: „FlexBay+“ – Multiple applications on a Laptop Rocky RK9
  4. "Bug-proof” products: Laptop Rocky RK9 SDIP 27 Level A
  5. Reminder: win a terra Ultrabook and roda MilDef GmbH sailing trip to celebrate our anniversary



1. Products: Major offensive from roda MilDef GmbH

The first roda handheld DF06 with Android OS

In addition to the already available SINA Workstation H R RK9 Z1 (encrypted Laptop) together with secunet Security Networks AG and with the GBS TEMPEST and Services GmbH SDIP 27 Level A-certified Laptop Rocky RK 9, roda will launch seven additional rugged IT-products starting in July.

A quantum leap has now been reached with the laptop "Lizard RS 11" by roda MilDef. Laptops have always been distinguished by the manufacturers of "rugged" equipment by a high weight (from 4 kg to 6 kg) and large volume, sufficient to provide the desired protection. Not so with the laptop "Lizard RS 11".  Its volume and its weight is almost 2/3 less than e.g. the Rocky, the standard laptop with German Forces. This ultra-slim, aluminium machined, lightweight weighs only 2.2 kg and can be ideally used for deployment "in the field". Other features of this laptop are multi-touch (capacitive), roda’s typical MIL/VG/IP65 protection, a fast Intel Core i7 processor and a SSD hard disk, to name a few.

The latter two features add value to the latest generations of Rocky (15" and 17" laptops) and Panther (8.4 "and 10.4" Tablets) series. All of them are equipped with a unique passive cooling concept and, more recently, with extended temperature range to +60 ºC.

Even smaller and slimmer, it is fitting in with the latest-generation of UMPC. At just 450 g, a height of 2 cm, a TI AM3715 Cortex A8 1GHz processor and 5 "display the handheld DF06 is an eye-catcher. This model is launched in both a Windows CE as well as in an Android version, the first time.

Be the first one getting more information about the new releases. Send an email with your contact details to newsletter(at)roda-mildef.com.


figure 1: simplified principle of optical bonding

2. Knowledge: What is „Optical Bonding“?

Each "rugged" display is protected by a glass shield against harsh environmental conditions. This can result in a loss of readability by the reflection of light in high sunlight. The degree of reflection depends on the difference of the reflection index of the media illuminated by the number of reflection surfaces. (see figure 1).

 "Optical Bonding" is a particularly effective solution for readability. The production method of optical bonding is the bonding of two optical elements (for example, glass and LCD) using a liquid adhesive. This adhesive is transparent and has an ideal refractive index, so that there are no significant differences in the optical properties of the two media.

3. Customization: „FlexBay+“ – multiple applications on a laptop Rocky RK9

telescopic camera linked with a Rocky
multiple solutions of FlexBay+

Are you also fed up with carrying different peripherals and each having to consider a different device for each application?

Such thoughts were highlighted by an existing roda MilDef customer. However, he had the advantage of knowing of the skills within roda MilDef to modify its standard products, such as Rocky or Panther, in accordance with customer requirements. Thus, the Rocky was quickly upgraded by modifying the expansion module "FlexBay +" to a wireless "remote video receiving and recording device."

The client's functional demand was to use a mobile camera system for vehicle control, enabling the user to visualize, to evaluate and to record a dangerous situation from a safe position whilst still being mobile. In addition, there was a technical demand for the recorder to be equipped with a hard drive of 500GB, an SD card slot and a USB 2.0 port for external storage of video signals.

In this instance, roda’s project partner has selected a portable camera system, with up to 7 m extendable telescopic rod, from a US supplier. The camera system wirelessly transmits video signals to a 15" notebook Rocky for a distance up to 30 m. In order to receive the radio signals the Rocky was supplied with a "FlexBay+" extension module which can be integrated into the slot for the DVD drive. Besides the aforementioned components, a receiving aerial, a frame grabber for signal conversion, the corresponding carrier board and the required power supply of 5 V and 12 V were installed into the FlexBay+. The implementation took place within 6 months from initial concept to delivery.

Just think about it! Do you have similar requirements? We will jointly implement your idea with you and are glad to be challenged. Send an email to newsletter(at)roda-mildef.com.

4. "Bug-proof” products: Laptop Rocky RK9 SDIP 27 Level A

Rocky RK9 SDIP 27 Level A - back side

roda MilDef has a deep and lengthy experience of  NATO SDIP 27 Level B products. The German Bundeswehr has procured more than 1,000 units of RK7, RK8 and RK9, with NATO SDIP 27 Level B certification.


After one year of EMI engineering, in cooperation with TEMPEST service provider GBS TEMPEST und Services GmbH and the BSI (German NSA), based on the experience of technical and electrical modifications for Level B units, we have achieved the highly ambitious goal to create a Rocky RK9 which is compliant with the high requirements of the NATO SDIP 27 Level A standard.

To our knowledge, the Rocky RK9 is the only fully rugged notebook in the world which is certified in cooperation with a national security agency to NATO SDIP 27 Level A.


Therefore, the roda Rocky RK9 with NATO SDIP 27 Level A certificate is the perfect user device for military and public security applications with SIGNIT/COMINT, even for harsh conditions such as  high humidity, freezing cold, extreme heat, shock and vibration (e.g. in military vehicles). A further security feature is the enclosed and easily removable HDD. A very important element in the successful certification is that the standard version of the Rocky RK9 already exhibits excellent EMI characteristics.


5. 25 years roda MilDef - raffle and sailing trip of roda

Terra® 14" Ultrabook
roda team on Ijsselmeer sailing trip

Don’t miss the chance to win a 14“ terra®-Ultrabook mobile 1450 with fast i5 processor and 4 GB RAM! The Ultrabook stands out due to a slim housing of 19 mm, max. 1.6 kg weight, with a battery life of 6 hours and a fast SSD-hard drive.

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roda MilDef GmbH has already celebrated its anniversary with the workforce on a sailing trip on the Dutch IJsselmeer. As befits a manufacturer of robust IT, they also had to fight the rain and force 8 winds! ... 

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