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The MilDef Group operates as an international group of IT-companies, primarily specialized in the field of military or rather high customer demands at environmental conditions. And based on the world-wide network of Germany (roda MilDef GmbH), UK (MilDef UK Ltd.), Sweden (MilDef AB) and Taiwan (MilDef CReTe Inc) we are able to view beyond one’s own nose. 300 qualified personnel are close to the customers and close to technical innovations. The outcome on this is the benefit to you – our customers!

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IP65 test with a Rocky

Testing of ruggedness has three distinct phases:

1. In-house or independent laboratory testing

This is specified by the standard (MIL), but some vendors of commercial platforms do not actually perform the tests or do it only partial. All roda-MilDef computers are certified by an independent third-party, so, unlike other suppliers, our claims of ruggedness are substantiated.

2. Field testing (validation/verification) by DoD

Since laboratory testing cannot duplicate real-world conditions, the military insists on field trials for their equipment.

3. Proven ruggedness on the battlefield

Even the “real world” of field trials doesn’t really duplicate the real world. Actual deployment in the battlefield is the ultimate test for ruggedness. roda MilDef’s Rocky and Panther line of computers has been successfully passing this test for almost two decades.

roda MilDef Special Ruggedness

roda-MilDef products are designed for an exceptionally long life cycle. Unlike other companies, whose platforms are obsolete within a year or two, roda MilDef has computers that have been in constant use for seven or even ten years. This means that we have to provide an exceptional level of support and enable our platforms to be upgraded easily to meet new standards. It also means we have to go the extra mile for durability, since our clients use them for an unusually long time.

For example, roda MilDef has a unique Fault Tolerant Design, whose compartmentalization provides additional protection against the ingress of dust and water. Also, in addition to the third-part independent certification of MIL-STD 461, we maintain an in-house EMI laboratory for testing of production models.

Notice: Specific Procedures for Testing

Standards grant some latitude for which test a developer may use. Which tests were actually done may be important depending on the computer’s eventual application.

rodatronic GmbH

roda MilDef with new subsidiary: power supply manufacturer

roda Elektronik GmbH, 90%-owned subsidiary of roda Mildef GmbH, Lichtenau, took over 100% of enertronix.de e.K. from Bruckmühl/Germany with effectiveness of the 3rd December 2012.

enertronix.de develops and produces triggered power supplies (universal power supplies and DC/DC-Converters - www.roda-mildef.com/products/rugged-powersupplies/). The specialist for high-quality and high-capacity modular solutions of power supplies already delivered several thousand absolutely reliable power supplies and DC/DC converters - especially to in defence technology customers in Germany and other European countries. The different power supplies are available in the power class from 10 Watt to 10 kW,  particularly in the field of defence and medical technology, telecommunication, machine building industry, traffic, laser and automation.


roda Elektronik GmbH and enertronix.de merge to the new company named rodatronic GmbH, www.rodatronic.com. The headquarters is located in Lichtenau. R&D, production and service is kept in Bruckmühl. All employees will be retained and there are plenty extension options.

The current CEO and former owner Jürgen Koehn keep staying with the company. He is announced to jointly lead the new company with Martin Bertsch, CEO of roda MilDef GmbH and with Frank Scholz, COO of roda MilDef GmbH, Lichtenau. Besides management Mr. Koehn, had also been responsible for R&D and sales. Now he is able to focus with full force on development of further innovative products and electronical systems.

rodatronic can now rely on a professional and successful sales network of the rugged IT-System specialist roda MilDef. This sales network was a missing puzzle to spread its innovative products in the market. One of these innovative defence-products is MoFess®. This unique modular device guarantees the power supply of the vehicle and its electrical components. Besides the advantage of modularity and space-saving, MoFess® generates a higher efficiency factor than existing systems. Additionally it already fulfils the requirements of the new German standard VG 96916-20.

roda MilDef generates great growth opportunities by the expansion with the product range of rodatronic.

roda MilDef CEO and founder Martin Bertsch gives following statement: „rodatronic is a further missing link in the supply chain of the entire electrical vehicle system. The systems architecture and responsibility takes over a significant value. Besides mobile IT-Systems, 19“/2-components, customized applications and displays we are now able to offer also the power supply according to the newest standards. True to the motto: One Stop shopping – concentrated systems responsibility!“

Cisco Switch
19”/2® Cisco Router RM201

Product news: MilDef becomes Cisco STI Partner


We are proud to announce that MilDef is the first company in Sweden to sign an STI Partner agreement with Cisco. STI stands for Solution Technology Integrators and gives us the right to market our product range, using Cisco products and technologies, worldwide.


Fredrik Jacobsson, Director of Sales at MilDef stated, “We have enjoyed an excellent cooperation with Cisco over many years and we are now delighted and thankful that Cisco have approached us and want the co-operation to be even deeper”.


MilDef are currently producing a MilDef Cisco 19”/2® Router, based on the Cisco 5915 router card and the finished products is fully rugged and designed to fulfill several military standards including MIL-STD 461F, MIL-STD 810F and MIL-STD 1275B. We also produce a 19”/2® Gbit switch with copper, POE and fiber optics. This unit is based on the Cisco Catalyst 3560C.


“The agreement with Cisco opens up a new market for MilDef and MilDef Technology Group and we expect many new opportunities in the field of ruggedized Cisco products, within our range of 19”/2® products” declared Tomas Odelid, CEO of MilDef AB and MilDef Technology Group.


Jens Karlsson, Product Manager for 19”/2® Products, added, “In our markets Cisco and their products are number one. The agreement with Cisco makes our 19”/2® Product range even stronger and more competitive.”

rugged Laptop Rocky I from 1995
rugged Laptop Rocky I from 1995
rugged Laptop Rocky RK10 from 2013
rugged Laptop Rocky RK10 from 2013
Terra® 14" Ultrabook by Wortmann
Terra® 14" Ultrabook by Wortmann

25 years roda MilDef – Jubilee competition: Win a TERRA – Ultrabook!

In November 1987, roda  became  incorporated as roda computer GmbH, in the Register of Companies. Martin Bertsch was a co-founder of the business and has been CEO, since that time. 

From the very beginning, roda computer GmbH started trading as an OEM partner of ATARI. Alongside the sales of standard ATARI products, roda also customized original ATARI products for special customer requirements.

In 1989 roda focussed on mobile computers and in same year roda became an exclusive distributor for two Taiwanese start-up companies, in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The business with mobile computers developed well and in 1993 roda reached 10m DM (~US$ 7m) annual sales. 

In the years up to 1994,  the upcoming notebook market resulted in a big change in market competition: - the smaller vendors disappeared and, as result of this, the market for notebooks became mainly dominated by larger players, such as IBM, HP, Toshiba, etc.

These dramatic changes in the market forced roda to change the company strategy. For that reason, roda focussed on the development and sales of specialist mobile IT solutions, mostly notebook computers, printers and power supplies combined in a functional case. In this period, roda delivered more than 10,000 solutions to  sales organisations for large insurance companies like Debeka, Signal Iduna, Berlinische Leben, Leonberger Bausparkasse and for servicing functions within companies  such as Miele, Vaillant, Hermes, etc.

In 1995 roda began to specialise in ruggedised mobile computers. This decision was driven by the demands of the Bavarian surveying department, because there was a big tender at the time for ruggedised notebooks which could withstand operation, under extreme weather conditions.

In co-operation with MilDef CreTe, the development of a ruggedised notebook commenced and the result was Rocky I, of which more than 1,000 units were sold, solely for this tender. Other customers for Rocky I were mining companies, construction companies and heavy industry.

In 1996 Wortmann AG bought 47 % of roda computer GmbH and since that year roda’s operations have been based in Lichtenau and Hüllhorst.

During the Cebit show in 1997, roda first met with German Bundeswehr. After very intense and demanding product tests performed by the German Bundeswehr, roda received its first order for 65 sets of Rocky II, in the same year. These first units were used as a mobile EOD database, by the German Army.

After this first order to the defence sector, roda started to participate at specialist shows for defence technology. As an early result of these activities, roda received orders for several hundred Rocky II, to be used as maintenance computers for the Patriot and Roland weapon systems. Gradually, MilDef became one of the leading European providers for rugged IT-components.

Here are some examples of milestones on the way to success:

  • BOA (Basic ordering agreement) for ruggedised computers with German Army from 2004 – 2016, three times tender winner
  • More than 3.000 rugged IT components for German BMS system “FüInfoSys Heer”
  • Contract for PMAT and Load-Master units for all nations A400
  • Contract for MBS in A330 MRTT
  • Development and delivery of more than 700 high security notebooks SINA Virtual Workstation
  • Delivery of computers, displays, switches, power supplies for BMS systems in France, Netherlands, UAE, Switzerland and Poland
  • Development and delivery of deployable high resoluation multi display systems (HEL)

2011 roda is co-founder and shareholder of MilDef Technology Group, registered in Helsingborg, Sweden together with MilDef AB, Sweden and MilDef CreTe Inc., Taiwan.Via MilDef Technology Group roda MilDef has shares in MilDef Ltd., in Cardiff, UK.At Terra France SAS, located close to Strasbourg, Martin Bertsch is 30% shareholder, which distributes the product range of Wortmann AG.  

In April 2012 roda computer changed its name to roda MilDef GmbH. The new name affixes “MilDef” to emphasise roda’s membership to MilDef Technology Group, without any influence to shareholders structure of the company. 

rodatronic, a subsidiary of roda MilDef GmbH took over the company enertronix.de in 2012 - a specialist in the development and production of power supplies for defence technology systems. With this acquisition roda MilDef took another step to become a high tech system provider for defence applications. The power supplies complete the whole product range, which now consists of rugged notebook, tablets, displays, 19”/2 computers, switches, routers, etc. roda MilDef also is very strong in providing special electronic developments for defence applications. Also roda MilDef’s capability for customization is one of the main reasons for success. 

Also in 2012, roda MilDef set up a subsidiary in India, close to New Delhi. The first orders for the Indian army have been delivered successfully. It is planned to start a co-production in India for Indian homeland market, next year. The average revenue in the last three years of roda MilDef GmbH is US$32m.

Martin Bertsch stated: ”This has been 25 extremely exiting years, with a lot of work, but also with lots of unforgettable moments. It’s the target for the whole roda MilDef team to secure the company’s status of today with diligence, innovation and reliability, as well as to grow based on our current position.”

roda MilDef GmbH raffles a premium quality laptop, made by Wortmann, to celebrate its 25 years’ jubilee.

Win a 14“ Zoll terra-Ultrabook mobile 1450 with fast i5 processor and 4 GB RAM! The Ultrabook stands out due to a slim housing of 19 mm, max. 1.6 kg weight, with a battery life of 6 hours and a fast SSD-hard drive.

Just answer following easy question: What is the name of the most successful “rugged“ product sold by roda MilDef?  

Send the right answer before the 30th August, 2013, to newsletter(at)roda-mildef.com with the subject “competition“. The terra laptop prize winner will be drawn from  all participants with the correct answer.


*MilDef-Group members are not eligible. Pay-out of equivalent value and legal processes are excluded. 


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