26 Feb 2016

roda awarded German Bundeswehr framework contract for the 4th time in series

For the fourth time in series German Bundeswehr has awarded the framework contract “Notebook gehärtet” (“rugged notebooks”) to roda computer GmbH as the contractual partner

Winning the tender four times in a row for a total of 16 years allows roda computer to supply rugged and reliable IT to the German Bundeswehr, including other departments like the Bundeswehr vehicle fleet, the FBG and the BWI (IT service provider of the German Bundeswehr).

An expected volume of more than 11.000 rugged IT products ensures for the next 4 years a good base load for the Baden specialist of rugged Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Displays and Power Supplies.

In addition to our own product lines Rocky®, Panther and Lizard®, opening a new dimension of lightweight and thin, but fully rugged laptop computers   -   also available as a mobile server   -   this framework contract includes semi rugged products from our partner Panasonic (Toughbook, Toughpad).

Differing from previous framework contracts additional accessories such as hybrid telephone PDAs, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and switches are part of the new product list.

The crucial factor for roda to be the winner of this Europe-wide tender was the consequent focusing on our core capabilities in rugged military IT (the so called “green IT”). The well-balanced price-performance ratio is on equal footing with other decisive factors such as our excellent service in Germany offering an individual, technical, and logistic support, a tight project organisation as well as services for hard- and software. Last but not least roda’s new production facility allows for the handling and execution of large production batches up to 3000 units in parallel.

At short notice roda expects the finalisation of the security check by the national security monitoring board (BMWi) allowing for the processing and handling of classified equipment at roda’s site as well as integration and maintenance services on site in areas classified to GEHEIM / NATO SECRET.