29 Jan 2015

roda computer GmbH expands its management by Frank Scholz

roda computer GmbH with headquarters in Lichtenau/Germany is ready for the future.
Frank Scholz strengthened roda’s management by December 2014. Since 2012 he has been associated to the extended management as COO (Chief Operative Officer) in the responsibility of technical and purchasing department as well as quality management. His task is well complemented now as head of sales.
The managing directors Martin Bertsch and Siegbert Wortmann are pleased to have received support in the operation and control of the company to ensure the steady growth and long-term development.

22 Jan 2015

new low cost lightweights from roda

SolidPads LR7 and LR11

"The last mile" as well tablets are on everyone's lips.
rodas new high-performance, lightweight full-rugged tablets are intuitive and easy to use. Read more ...

Report from "cpm forum" The Magazine of Defense Technology and Logistics (issue 6/2014, text in german)

cpm_forum_-_6-2014.pdf98 K