29 Oct 2014

End Of Life Rocky® 9-and Panther 8 series

Though exceptional product life cycle of roda products sometimes it is necessary to clear the way for more powerful products. roda hereby announces the End of Life for the Rocky® Notebook series RT9, RK9 and RF9, the tablet series Panther DR8 and DK8.

Last order date: December 31’th, 2014
Spare parts will be available until November 2019

A detailed EOL product list you can find on www.roda-computer.com/service-support/end-of-life-notifications

27 Oct 2014

roda takes part on international Artillery Symposium

Every year 25 artillery nations meets on a symposium for networking and interchange of ideas on topics such as command and control, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance. It will be supplemented by contributions of the industry.

From 06.-10. October 2014 the German Artillery School in Idar-Oberstein had been the worthy host of this event.

roda took the opportunity to participate on this activity. Together with ESG Elektronik- und Logistik-GmbH, EMT GmbH und MBDA Deutschland GmbH in one of 5 halls it was displayed the complete chain from „sensor to shooter“.

Consequently Interesting talks and discussions has arisen between all suppliers and the final users, especially on rugged tablets and laptops.  

01 Oct 2014

roda sale of rugged EOL IT

roda sells its EOL exhibition and demo equipment and accessories.

Be one of the first to purchase as good as new but cheap rugged laptops (Rocky Rx7/Rx8), tablets, peripheral devices and accessories. Sales while stocks last and without OS. A list including the prices can be found on www.roda-computer.com/sales.