03 Feb 2014

Back to the roots – roda is roda!

roda MilDef is now roda computer again!

roda is a contractual partner of the German Bundeswehr with focus on rugged mobile and static computing systems, such as notebooks, tablets and displays. The company provides customized IT solutions for industrial and military applications in harsh environments. The company has achieved an average annual turnover of 24 million euros in the past 4 years.

The Rocky® Laptop is the most well-known trademark of the south-German located IT company roda. The Rocky has demonstrated its ruggedness and resistance in the German-speaking market, since the middle of 90’. If you know the Rocky® you know roda!

The name addition MilDef has existed since 2011 and resulted from a joint venture by the international MilDef Group (Germany, Sweden, UK, Taiwan). Thereby was generated the crossselling of further interesting rugged IT products, e.g. switches and computers, in a space saving 19”/2® design system, supporting an important product range in the meantime.

The planned cost savings due to joint marketing (leaflets, web presence and exhibitions) within the group was not fulfilled, due to different cultural management philosophies. Additionally, in its own market roda kept the name roda, instead of roda MilDef. Consequently CEO Martin Bertsch decided to return to the company’s roots.

Effectively nothing will change for the customer except the name, because cross-selling of products will be retained.

roda uses the company change to add a new company addition “solid IT solutions”. This effectively communicates the extended competence of the business. Initially selling just fully rugged standard products to compete with highest demands for protection from environmental conditions, nowadays roda offers the development of entire mobile and fixed IT-systems.