25 Apr 2018

AFCEA 2018

With more 50 different IT and power supply products for mobile and deployable use, roda computer GmbH from Lichtenau presented itself at this year's AFCEA in Bonn (11th-12th April).

New this time were the ultra-compact, for the modern soldiers, tailored switches and routers from Techaya, Israel, the roda 5 "DF8A handheld with Android 7.1.1., The 7" Panther Tablet DE13 with the latest roda processor based on the Skylake platform and a demonstrator of a 12" (N)GVA display for vehicle integration. The predominantly national visitors from authorities, MoDs and system houses were numerous represented and thus took place quite in the sense of the AFCEA an interesting networking at the stand.

16 Nov 2017

roda: In product design, we focus 100% on our military customers!

Read more in the report from wehrtechik V / 2017 (Text in german)

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09 Nov 2017

Patent for the Mobile Server Mission System

The laptop server Lizard® RW11 with its versatile equipment options (for example, four hard disks in a RAID configuration) and various interfaces is very unusual in the rugged world.
He becomes even more extraordinary through the mechanical coupling of his switch and power mission modules to become a Mobile Server Mission System. (see image)
So extraordinary that for the first time in October 2017, roda was proud to receive its first patent certificate from the German Patent Office.

09 May 2017

AFCEA 2017

Roda presented itself at this year's AFCEA in the spirit of mobile and robust networking technology.

The central element of the new and 50% larger booth was the highly "Mobile Server Mission System". The laptop Lizard® RW11 performed as a server over several Gigabit LAN connections to various clients (Panther DS11, Rocky RK10, TOUGHPAD FZ-G1, etc.). In particular, roda computer had developed this "Mobile Server Mission System" in order to meet the requirements of special forces, fast intervention groups and Very High Readiness Joint Task Forces according to highly available, fast-laying, robust communication and network infrastructure.
In addition to the exhibition of well-known and new products, the AFCEA is above all a great IT-communication platform of the Bundeswehr and exhibiting companies in the field of command and control, intelligence and reconnaissance, GIS, IT security, simulation, training and logistics.

05 May 2017

Highly Mobile, mobile and portable networks

Central element of the new and 50% larger booth at AFCEA 2017 is the highly mobile "Mobile Server Mission System".

The Laptop Lizard is used for several Gigabit LAN connections RW11 as a server and is compatible with various clients (Panther DS11, Rocky RK10, TOUGHPAD FZ-G1, etc.).

Read more in the article from "IT-Report 2017" (Language: German)

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19 Oct 2016

From roda basics to Tempest ready

roda units with TEMPEST modification.

Post from "wt wehrtechnik" (V, 2016), text in german

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19 Aug 2016

roda computer GmbH is teaming with WESTEK Technology Ltd.

to promote its rugged and mobile computer solutions.

roda computer GmbH expands its portfo­lio of high-availability military comput­er servers. This is achieved by adding the distribution rights for the products of WESTEK Technology Ltd. for the DACH countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Read more in the article from Safety & Security (Issue 04/2016)

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