Company profile

roda computer GmbH with its head office in 77839 Lichtenau (South West Germany) was founded in 1987. Since the beginning specialised in development, manufacture ,assembly and distribution of mobile PCs, 1995 roda focussed its activities on RUGGEDIZED mobile PC systems.

CEOs are Martin Bertsch, Frank Scholz and Siegbert Wortmann.
Shareholders are Martin Bertsch, Wortmann AG, both from GERMANY and since July 2004 MilDef CReTE Systems Inc / TAIWAN with 8%.


Head Office Lichtenau/Baden:
In Lichtenau the following departments are located:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Controlling
  • Projects Co-ordination
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Control

Local Office Hüllhorst/Westfalen:
In Hüllhorst the following departments are located:

  • Development
  • Support
  • Service Center
  • Accounting
  • Warehousing
  • Assembly
  • Quality Control
  • production power products

All locations are connected by the enterprise resource planning system (ERP).


roda became incorporated as roda computer GmbH, in the Register of Companies. Martin Bertsch was a co- founder of the business and has been CEO since that time. In the beginning roda computer GmbH started trading as an OEM partner of Atari.

roda already focussed on mobile computers. In the same year roda became an exclusive distributor for two Taiwanese start-up companies.

roda reached 10m annual sales in spite of an enormous market competition. This forced roda to change the company strategy. roda focussed on the development and sale of special mobile IT solutions, mostly notebook computers, printers and power supplies combined in a functional case.

The specialization in rugged mobile computers began. This decision was made by the demands of the Bavarian surveying department. The result was Rocky ?. Customers for Rocky ? were mining companies, construction companies and heavy industry.

roda computer GmbH sold 47% to Wortmann AG and since that year roda´s operations have been based in Lichtenau and Hüllhorst.

During the Cebit trade fair roda met the first time the German Bundeswehr. After very intensive and tight product tests performed by the German Bundeswehr roda received its first order for 65 Rocky II in the same year. These first units were used as a mobile EOD database. Moreover Rocky ?? was ordered to be used as a maintenance computer for the Patriot and Roland weapon systems.

roda became the first contractor partner for the German Bundeswehr. Since that time the German Bundeswehr relies on roda and renewed the contract until 2019.

Via MilDef Technology group roda has shares in MilDef Ltd. in Cardiff, UK. Furthermore Martin Bertsch is shareholder of Wortmann AG France located in Strasbourg.

roda reached over 20m annual sales.

roda was co-founder and shareholder of MilDef Technology group registered in Helsingborg, Sweden together with MilDef AB, Sweden and MilDef Crete Inc., Taiwan.

roda computer changed its name to roda MilDef. The new name affixes the membership to MilDef Technology group.

Also in 2012 rodatronic a subsidiary of roda MilDef took over the company which is a specialist in the development and production of power supplies for defence technology systems. With this acquisition roda MilDef took another step to become a high tech system provider for defence applications.

In the same year roda MilDef set up a subsidiary in India with the objective of promotion of the foreign trade.

The product introduction of the worldwide first ultra flat and full rugged Notebook (Lizard RS 11). It has a weight of just 2.5 kg and is 24mm high. Therefore Lizard RS 11 conforms to the commercial Ultrabooks.

Re-branding from roda MilDef back to roda computer with the affix „solid IT solutions“.
Recruitment of the third CEO, Frank Scholz besides the established CEOs Martin Bertsch and Siegbert Wortmann.

Merger of rodatronic with roda computer with start-up of own business segment „Power supplies“ and relocation from Bruckmühl to Hüllhorst.
Relocation into a new and bigger building in Hüllhorst.
Foundation of roda computer, Ukraine.

Award of the frame contract "rugged Notebooks" for the German Army (Bundeswehr)